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ORA: 13082003-IRB01 Date IRB Approved: 6/2/2014 Amendment Date: 2/18/2015 Are you a U.S. Veteran? Have you been diagnosed with low back pain? You may be eligible for a research study examining the effect of morning bright light therapy on your pain, sleep and mood. We are looking for US. veterans who are 18-7O years old Study takes 23 days, with a 30 day minimal contact follow up Study involves monitor, sleeping at home 1. Wearing a wrist 2. Four visits to our laboratory where you have a pain assessment 3. Three nights at home where you collect your saliva 4. Two weeks where you use bright light boxes for 1 hour each morning (we will visit you at home to set up light boxes) No drugs or invasive procedures like blood draws You will be compensated up to $825 for your time. and learn if a light box improves your pain, sleep and mood. Free parking in our attached garage. To get more information or apply for study, please visit https://www surveymonkey.com/s/Veteran LightStudy OR call 312 942-1529 RUSH UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER www.rush.edu CRUSH Rush is. Rush University Medical Centec Rush Unire str Rush Oak Park Hosp ta and Rush Heath,
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